Name Description
Airless punches

The main feature of the Airless punches is constituted by a system of air deaeration distributed over the entire surface of the structure. In this way the air contained in the powders can be eliminated faster and in a more homogeneous way.

TCS - tubeless connection system

This solution allows connecting the isostatic punches in order to guaranteeing the obtaining of unique calibre taking advantage to the principle of communicating vases without to use external tubes.

Isostatic pressing

This system is based on the fact that a static liquid will transmit pressure in all directions, thus allowing for even pressed density over the entire tile body so that the tiles are perfectly formed after firing.

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Security box

This is a safety system which continuously monitors the hydraulic pressure along the circuit connecting the dies installed in the operating press, so as to precisely set the minimum operating limit under which it automatically stops the production cycle so as to prevent operating errors, thus eliminating rejects and second choice products.